Friday, 19 September 2014

University Induction Week

Hello my lovelies!
Seeing as my first week back at University (well, my induction week) is now over, I thought I'd blog about it! I haven't really had a chance to vlog about it but hopefully I'll be able to do that next week sometime!)

On Monday I went in feeling nervous and to be honest I wasn't really looking forward to starting my first proper year of Fashion. But that was just my nerves, as soon as I got in and saw my friends I was happy to be there. We had a lecture about what 1st year of Fashion would be like, which was interesting and exciting and scary!
I think the main thing that scares me is the work placement we have to do in second year. I just hope I'm braver next year than I am right now.
Then, after that we found out what groups we were in for the year. I was so heartbroken about not being in the same class as my two closest friends. I'm so used to seeing them almost everyday in class, it will be sad to not have them there. But I have some wonderful friends in my group (Group C), both old and new! And I'll still be able to see my friends at lunch and during the 'ALL GROUPS' activities.

On Tuesday, I actually didn't have to go in for anything, so I just worked on my summer project!

On Wednesday, we had our project briefing which was super cool! I'm very excited to start a new sketchbook and do lots of research and drawings! Our first project is Sculptures!
Very interesting.

On Thursday, I went to the cinema in town and met up with the rest of my class and our tutors to watch the film 'Advanced Style'. This was the day I was most excited for, I have been following the Advanced Style blog for years now, adoring the inspiration I get from looking at all the incredible outfits put together by ladies (and sometimes men) 60+.
The film did not disappoint and at the end my class even clapped! I felt so happy that the others had enjoyed it as much as me! My friend sitting next to me even compared me to one of my favourite ladies in the film which made me smile.

On Friday, we had to bring in our Summer projects. I was nervous about this as I had worked really hard on mine, I had spent almost all of August and some of September putting together my sketchbook. Drawing, designing, painting, etc. I put a lot of effort into it, basically.
But when it came to showing it to the class, we were just asked to put it on the table and move around, looking at each person's by flicking through ourselves. At the end, the tutors chose a few books to talk about. Mine was not chosen. And that was it...
I didn't get any feedback from my tutors or from any of my classmates, and it felt like I had worked really hard for no reason at all. As you can probably tell I'm still quite upset.
But that's that.

Overall it was a really good first week getting settled back in. I met so many new people who I hope I can call my friends. I even met someone who is interested in costumes just as much as me!


Also, I am completely in love with the transition to Autumn. I only wish it wasn't so warm (what is up with this weather?) and I wish there wasn't so many spiders (I'm terrified)

I'll leave you with a picture of this beautiful witch's cat I've been friends with since last year when I met him. :---)

(Hey look, it's Salem!)

Thank you for reading!!~

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