Friday, 6 September 2013

How can there be so much that you don't know?

Hey friends, guess what arrived in the post for me today???
My beautiful new Doc Martens!!!

I got the Little Flowers Doc Martens from Ebay as my parents said I could have a pair of DMs (for getting good A Levels) if I found them for around £50! 
I found these while I was looking at some floral docs that I originally wanted (the ones that Luna Lovegood wears in Harry Potter annd the Deathly Hallows). The ones I wanted were too expensive, so I found these instead  and fell in love! They come in 3 different colours; pink, purple and yellow. I chose yellow as I knew these docs would look super cute with colourful tights and yellow is the only colour of tights that I don't really wear!
I'm very excited to pair these babies up with super fun outfits and see what I can come up with.

So there we go!~
I'm ever so happy with them! They fit really well and they're actually quite comfortable. I won't be wearing them for long periods as I want to break them in and try and not get blisters!
Apparently Doc Martens take a while to get used to/comfortable, so I'll have to try and wear them a little bit everyday.
I'm going to plan an outfit around them soon, so I'll do an OOTD!
See you, my lovelies!