Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer VS Autumn & Winter

Good afternoon!
Right now, In England, we're having extremely hot weather.
And I hate it.

I don't mean to be miserable, I really don't! And the sun makes a lot of people happy, so I'm glad about that, it's just... I really wasn't built for this kind of weather.
I mean, that doesn't really make sence, as I'm a Summer baby (I was born in June), I just know that the colder months of Autumn and Winter are where I belong.

 So, instead of going outside and enjoying the weather, and adapting. I wrote a list of all the reasons why Autumn and Winter are way better than Summer.

Reasons why autumn/winter is better than summer (◡◡✿)
★ you can have warm drinks like hot chocolate and not feel too hot
☆ you don’t have to bother with sun cream
★ you don’t get sun burnt
☆ you can wear pretty make up without it melting off your face
★ you get to wear big oversized jumpers and look fucking cuuuute~
☆ warm bubble baths after cold days adventuring outside
★ collecting pretty leaves and sticking them in your journal
☆ Halloween & Christmas
★ the beach when it’s covered in snow
☆ wearing pyjamas in the evenings without getting too hot
★ wearing a kigurumi all day long
☆ wrapping up warm and going on adventures
★ going to coffee shops and doodling~
☆ wearing boots and tights
★ you don’t spend all day sweating
☆ hot soup!!!!
★ layered clothing, so you’re all bundled up
☆ sunny days with a cool breeze eeeeek
★ not getting overheated by your laptop )-:
☆ You don't have to worry about putting on a bikini or swimming costume.
★ You get to wear more clothes, which means not feeling like crap about your body all day!

Yuuuuup, those are just some of the reasons why I'd pick Autumn/Winter over Summer any day. Of course the Summer can be good too, like in just one month I am taking a trip to London with my friend Darcy, to go to a Harry Potter convention called LeakyCon. It's gunna be pretty cool.

So, what do you think? Is Summer good or bad in your books? 
Let me know :-)



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    And yayyy LEAKY CON!! :D <3